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TTR Travel Industry Road Shows

The TTR Travel Industry Road Show is back for 2023, bigger and better than ever with new destinations added in.

Established in 2013, the TTR Travel Industry Road Show is the longest running and most established roadshow in the Irish travel industry.

For each road show we bring together a mix of different supplier types, some new, some established, some well-known, some specialist, ensuring interest and attendance from the agents/operators.

We never go on the road with the same line-up of suppliers.  We are never top heavy with one type of supplier over another, e.g. cruise over bed banks or destinations over airlines. We always have anchor suppliers who we know the trade want to meet.

Due to demand, the TTR Travel Industry Road Show is back for 2023 visiting even more counties to get the most value possible for our suppliers.

Spring, February 2023

Tuesday 21st February – Belfast

Wednesday 22nd February – Dundalk

Thursday 23rd February – Athlone

Autumn, September 2023

Tuesday 19th September – Limerick

Wednesday 20th September – Waterford

Limerick 21st September – Cork

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Why attend?

The TTR Travel Industry Road Shows are a unique opportunity for suppliers to network with travel agents and tour operators, in a structured yet relaxed setting.

With multiple travel agents and tour operators all present in one location on the same evening, these events offer a once off opportunity for suppliers to present their latest products and agent incentives.

At each event, guests will also have the opportunity to win some great prizes which have been provided by our suppliers.


We provide transfers for travel agents and tour operators for each event, to ensure ease of access for attendees and a wider reach in each area.


Click on the video below to a summary of the Spring leg of the TTR Travel Industry Road Show 2018, featuring testimonials from both agents and suppliers who participated.

To find out more about the TTR Travel Industry Road Show experience, read our testimonials here.

For pricing information contact Please note that there are limited number of places available for suppliers, to RSVP contact Annette McCann at